BHS Wellbeing Week – Day 1 – Overview Of Activities

Textiles –

In Textiles, the students have been making tie-dyes and designing their own bunting using a creative mind-set and artistic attitude. Mrs Thorpe, the Textiles teacher, lead the charge of creativity. We spoke to Mrs Thorpe and some of the students today. She spoke fondly of ‘Well-being week’ and her class, who she referred to as the ‘fab team’, saying it is important to have a time off the regular curriculum and focus on creative learning to help relieve stress and to create a positive learning environment.

Food Tech –

Food tech taught the students the importance healthy eating through making smoothies and a healthy drink made entirely of tasty fruits. Led by Mr McGuiness and Mr Austin, the students were able to create their healthy snack successfully. Although, unfortunately, we did not get a chance to try any, they looked lovely! We spoke to student Alex, who said that teaching students to eat healthily was good thing as it prevents obesity or unhealthy living, which is becoming an issue with the modern youth. Well done Alex!

Mountain rescue –

In this activity, the Year 7s and 8s learned how to react or act in the case of an emergency. They learned how to treat causalities using a dummy and radios in a short activity where they learned how to communicate and how to use the correct terminology. They also learnt water rescue. This was an activity where students would be ‘in the water’ that looked strangely similar to grass, and another student on the other side throwing a rope to the student in-danger. This was an extremely important, yet fun, and taught students a valuable lesson about how to react if a friend, loved one or even themselves were caught in a bad situation. Thank you to the mountain rescue team who had come to help out at the event and teach a valuable lesson!


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