BHS Wellbeing Week – Day 3

Art Murals –

In Miss Kirkpatrick’s classroom, the students are creating murals that are to be placed in the sandwich room. On these murals the students are painting pictures of cartoon dinner ladies serving food. These murals are being designed to make the sandwich room more exciting and inviting to pupils. The designs were originally drawn by Miss Kirkpatrick but the students made them more colourful by adding different colour paints to the pictures.

We asked a few students whether they enjoyed this activity and how they thought it would impact students on their creativity and they said, “It will mean the sandwich room will be busier as more people will want to go there as it is decorated nicely.”

Whereas, in Mr Hill’s classroom, the students are creating signs for the bike sheds completely from scratch. The students have been making their own template which is then going to be put on to the board. Before that they are painting the base coat of the board with different colours to make it stand out and eye-catching. Pupils have been learning how to cut the paper with special tools such as a scalpel. These colourful boards will make the school look better and bring something new to the community.

We asked Jamilla, who was working in Mr Hill’s classroom, what she thought of the task and she rated it a 9/10 as, “It was fun to work with my friends and learn something new!”

Keeping you “wheelie safe” –

For the safety of our students, during wellbeing week we have created a cycle path this is for the students that ride their bikes to and from school. The colour coded stencils instruct the students on how to ride their bikes on the premises of Bramhall High School. This system is similar to traffic lights as the amber means that the students should ride slowly and cautiously. Whereas, red instructs them to get off their bikes and push it to the shed as they are then on school grounds. This path is beneficial for all students and teachers in BHS because it will make it safer for those people who are walking through the school and also students who ride a bike to and from school. One student who owns a bike said ‘the new path makes me feel safer and reassured.’ This is exactly how the creators of the cycle path wanted the pupils to feel when using the path because it limits accidents. Anyone that uses a bike will have to use the bike path in order to bring in their bikes to school, making it safer for everyone on the school site. After using the new system, students will lock up their bikes safely in the bike shed.

Gliders –

Today many students from Year 9 and 10 took part in an activity in the Science department. Led by most of the Science teachers there task was to make streamlined gliders out of foam board. The challenge was to make it out of one foam board and make it as accurate as possible.

They then went down to the dome and tried to hit the bullseye on a large target. It was a complex and technical task and by the end of the two hours that they were given, the gliders looked stunning.

Before testing them they needed a new look so they were coloured in and intricate designs were drawn onto them.

Therefore the students had completed one of the ways to wellbeing, be active

Physical Challenge – 

Over the week the students have been taking part in physical challenges, led by Mr Holmes and Mr Park. These challenges include: tag American Football, tennis, wheelchair basketball, cricket, Frisbee, and softball. These activities encourages students to stay active, healthy and to take a leap out of their comfort zone by participating in fun sports they’ve never done before.

We asked the students their opinions on the variety of challenges they took part in. Freddie, who is a sports leader says it’s important to keep active and healthy. He believes the wide range of sports is a perfect combination and that it allows pupils to have fun! Sam, who took part in wheelchair basketball, says it was extremely fun and he made lots of new friends.

Another part of the physical challenges was the IT’S A KNOCKOUT! This was a combination of a varied activities: egg and spoon race, three legged race, ball shooting, obstacle courses, tug of war and lots more. Everyone enjoyed this so much!

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