BHS Wellbeing Week – Day 4

Science Garden – 

The science garden has had a lot of up updates to make it eco friendly! Here are the DIYs you can do to upgrade your garden as well!

Re-use the plastic bottles:

This is a great idea that is super easy to do! Plastic bottles are a big problem in our environment and we are pleased that Bramhall high is doing something about it! It is only a couple of steps that can make the world of difference.

  1. Cut a rectangular hole into the bottle with a sharp knife specialised for cutting through harder materials.
  2. Cut two small holes into the back with the same knife.
  3. After that zip tie it to a fence. We decided to tie it to the side of the basketball courts.
  4. After that fill it up with some soil.
  5. Then plant your seed or plant.
  6. Make sure to keep it watered so they stay healthy!

So that’s all you need to do to do your bit for the environment!

Redo the wood – 

If something is broken or a bit dirty you don’t need something new you just need to redo! The wood was not looking the best around the school but instead of something new we decided to use this week to improve it.

All we had to do was sand it down to make it smooth and safe. Then you need to get some paint (you can choose any colour but we decided to do a brown). Then it looks brand new. Make sure to leave it to dry so it is kept nice.

This is a quick and easy way to clean up your garden!

Re-purpose the wooden fence –

Originally we were going to use wooden fence at the bus layby but unfortunately after it was made we decided to no longer use it. But the bee group decided this would be perfect to create an area for their bees. It has created the perfect space for the bee club! Here are some other DIYs they have used!

They also decided to but a sign on the gate that said Bramhall Bees. This wood was reused from the old library and perfect for the new bee garden! It was engraved to add something extra to the already re-used fence!

Rehome the concrete – 

They found some concrete slabs that were going to be put in the skip but the bee group saw this as the perfect opportunity to elevate their garden to another level. They decided they would use it as a path. They had to dig out a square the same depth as concrete slab and press the slab in. The perfect, easy, quick DIY!

Finally we spoke to Mr Vernon about the bee area and why they have made this area. He is just as happy as us that we have made an eco-friendly area that not only we will enjoy but the bees will too!

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