Certificate Evening

The Certificates
Once awarded,  students can receive more than one certificate from different examination boards.  Students must check that all the personal information is correct, especially the spelling of names. If there is a problem, the certificate must be returned personally to the Exams Office for return to the examination board. This usually takes two/three weeks. Students will be notified of its return, ready for collection.

Collection by student or an approved student’s representative after the agreed collection date
Please telephone 0161 439 8045 ext 126 or email exams@bramhallhigh.stockport.sch.uk to arrange recorded delivery. Please do not just turn up at school, due to the current Covid restrictions we are not allowing past students certificates to be picked up from the School.
Under NO circumstances will examination results be issued over the telephone, by text, email or fax.

Safe Keeping and/or Replacement
Once awarded, the certificates must be kept in a safe place as they are difficult and expensive to replace. In some cases certificates will only be replaced if proof of loss is provided and Exam Boards will issue a ‘Statement of Results’, typically charging approximately £45 per statement.

The certificates will probably be required as proof by colleges and/or employers when applying for courses or employment.