SUMMER 2020 – due to the recent changes made by Ofqual the information provided below may no longer apply and we will update the page as soon as possible.  If you contact the exams office with a query we will ensure to keep you updated with any potential changes

Before appealing it is important that you are clear on what grounds you can appeal your result; you can only appeal if you think there has been an error in the process.  You can’t appeal just because you do not agree with the grade you received.

Internal appeals 2019-20 – Covid update – here we have outlined the procedure we will carry out for this year.

Ofqual have produced a useful Student Guide outlining this years processes, which will help you understand your next steps.  

JCQ infographic on appeals process

The deadline for appeals to be submitted to the School will be 16 September 2020 in order that we can meet the deadline for processing such appeals.

Formal requests should be made by submitting the Appeal request form 2019-20 to by the deadline above.

Post Results Services are provided by all the Examination Boards for schools. These services will however not be available for the Summer 2020 results:

  • Clerical recheck – A re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. For example, checking that all parts of the script have been marked, and that the totalling and recording of marks is correct.
  • Review of marking – to ensure the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly and to carry out clerical checks. It is NOT a re-marking of the script. This service is only available to externally assessed components, for example, external Examination Papers, not course work.
    You are reminded that a review of marking as well as clerical checks could result in a mark being adjusted DOWN as well as UP.
  • Access to scripts – Candidates are able to request access to their own scripts for general interest or to inform future learning, for example for re-sitting examinations. A request for this service must be signed and dated by the candidate.

Although the Examinations Officer can advise regarding the above services from an administrative viewpoint, it is usual for students and/or parents to contact their subject teacher or head of department for specific help and advice as to whether one or more of the services should be accessed.

On Results Day you signed a consent to allow school to make an enquiry about the results of your examinations. In giving consent you acknowledged that you understood that your final subject grade awarded may be lower than, higher than or the same as the grade which was originally awarded.


Requests for any of the above services must be made in writing on the Post-Result Form, to the Exams Office as soon as possible to meet the examination boards deadline. A cheque made payable to Bramhall High School, for the correct amount (see CHARGES on the form) must accompany each request.