Examination Timetables

The Examination Timetables for this academic year can be accessed here. These may be subject to change. If you have any questions then please contact the Exams Office.

November 2018 exam timetable

January 2019 exam timetable

February 2019 exam timetable

Summer 2019 exam timetable

To contact the Exams Office you can:

Email: exams@bramhallhigh.stockport.sch.uk
Phone: 0161 439 8045 ext 126

Student A-Z of Exams Regulations & Qualifications Dec 2018-19


Students are advised to ensure that they are aware of the JCQ regulations so that they have a fair and even chance to complete every examination with confidence. Invigilators are instructed to record and report any unfair practice, such as talking, borrowing someone else’s equipment, and turning round, that may distract another student. The Examinations Officer may report any such or reoccurring practice to the Examination Board in question.
Students should read the A-Z of Examinations, Regulations and Qualifications, and the JCQ ‘Warning’ and ‘Information’ posters. Electronic equipment in any form, including Mobile Phones, MP3’s, iPods and Blackberries are NOT ALLOWED in the examination room. Failure to observe the rules can result in disqualification from one or more examination subjects.