Bramhall High School Headteacher Mrs Lynne Fox has been shortlisted for the finals of the MEN Headteacher of the Year awards. The nomination has been made in recognition of the outstanding progress BHS has made in the last three years, since her appointment.

Since her arrival Lynne has been a ‘tour de force’. She has tackled the significant issues the school faced with clear strategic direction, determination and resilience. Bramhall High School in three years under Lynne’s leadership has been transformed. She has empowered staff and the partnerships to secure the very best educational experience for students in her charge.

There is vitality about the school, a school with energy, enthusiasm and creativity. You can feel the ‘buzz’. There is vibrancy surrounding extra-curricular. Students, staff and parents are proud to be part of the Bramhall School community. 

Results are now outstanding rising from -0.14 to +0.35 and we are in the top 10% of all schools for mathematics. 100% of our students progress in to Education / Training at Post 16. Lynne is a member of the SPI and routinely gives students fresh starts that are successful.

Lynne’s vision ‘Every Hope, Every Dream, Every Aspiration’ is truly being realised.

We all wish Lynne the best when she attends the awards ceremony which takes place on Friday 5th July at The Hilton in Manchester.