Examination Entries

At Bramhall High School students are entered for examinations in a number of subjects, the full list of current subjects can be found here.   The examination year is divided into “Seasons” or “Series” and the following list outlines the series and examinations generally taken at Bramhall High School.

November & January

  1. BTEC Travel and Tourism
  2. CAMNAT Sports Science


  1. Functional Skills English and Mathematics

May / June

  1. All final GCSE,
  2. Certificates,
  3. BTEC
  4. Functional Skills exams

Private Entries

Some students at Bramhall wish to take GCSE examinations in subjects not normally on the school curriculum e.g. Persian / Chinese or a subject they have been studying privately. In cases such as these we will try and accommodate all requests.  As subjects entered under these circumstances are over and above the ‘entitlement’ of the school curriculum, we have to charge for these entries and the extra costs involved for administration and invigilation.

All entries for these subjects must be submitted by 11 February. Please contact the Exams Office as soon as possible in the period September – December in the year prior to entry for further details regarding administration and charges.

Entries submitted after 11 February in the year of entry will incur an examination board penalty entry fee of an additional 100%. A very late entry after 21 April in the year of entry, will result in an entry fee plus 150%.