Our refectory is now available to all students, and we are operating one single lunch session 1.20pm – 2.00pm.

We’re aware of a few issues regarding queuing and overcrowding. This is the first time many of our students have experienced a single lunch sitting so it will take time and adjustments for everyone to get used to it. We’re aware of the issues, and we are making changes and assessing the situation daily. 

Although seating availability and long queues are an issue, availability of food is not, we’re serving a full menu and have plenty of hot and cold food options available.

To try and reduce queuing times and congestion we are temporarily allowing year 7 students an early lunch. We’re also implementing a staggered entrance time for other year groups. 

Year 7 to go to the refectory at 12.50pm (accompanied by subject teachers)

Year 10 and 11 to go to the refectory at 1.20pm

Year 8 and 9 to go to the refectory at 1.35pm 

To try and reduce queuing times students can pre-order sandwiches, paninis, wraps, salads, cookies and drinks at Breakfast Club 8.15am – 8.40am in the refectory. 

We also have other undercover seating areas around school where students can eat packed lunches or cold food from the refectory. 

Please be patient and allow the situation to settle we have operated a single lunch session before and it does work, everyone just needs time to adjust to the new/normal routine. 

If you have any concerns as always do not hesitate to contact us.